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"Drama Calling!" To Difuse & Deny or Hangup & Ignore? That is the Question.

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When you wake up to a text from a Client at 5am calling you a "Whore", more than likely it's not the Client, but his Significant Other who has gotten ahold of his phone, and has failed to cover his tracks. 

Ok....If you are married or in a relationship, and you choose to see a Provider on the side, then you take on the responsibility of keeping that information private and safe. Both parties are responsible to keep their interactions discreet. You delete text and e-mails between each other frequently. You make sure you don't have any kind of tracking devices or monitoring programs on your phone or computer. If you're really smart, you get a whole different phone all together, and keep it stored away from your home and vehicle. I constantly delete texts and e-mails on my phone to be safe. I also keep locks and passwords, and change them regularly. I take extra precautions, and I don't even have anyone to hide things from. I can only protect my end of communication, unfortunately, I have no control over the other end. 

Most women are very sneaky. They will find any which way to find out what you are doing. So if you're going to decide to sneak around, then you have to be Two steps ahead at all times. When women find out their man has been unfaithful, they immediatley place blame on the Other Woman, no matter who she is. Don't ask me why we do this, but we do. It's stupid. No offense guys, but you're 100% to blame lol. Unless it's like a Slutty Best Friend who has seduced you into her adulterous bedroom....I've had one of those, in those cases, you're like 10% to blame lol. 

Well, lets get to my…

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Gettings & Goings Ons....

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Just wanted to say hello and give an update to the new stuff I have coming up :)

I got a hold of a temporary laptop til my other one is fixed. The hard drive crashed because of the charger's wires crossing when they came apart. Last update was that it could be fixed, but that the hard drive might only last me another month or two. I'm not sure how that works...I've never heard of a hard drive having a life expectancy. Leave it to me to get a laptop with terminal cancer...

Anyways, I have a few Blogs I've been working on that I'll have finished and posted soon. It's been kind of hard for me to write these new ones. I have so much to say about them, and I keep going off and getting side tracked, and my writing keeps going in directions I didn't intend it to go. So I keep deleting and rewriting lol. Plus I've had a lot of other things I've been working on that's been occupying my screen time. 

I decided I wanted my own .com. I was going to just upgrade my site here, but they want too much money a month. So I researched a lot of other Web hosting sites. I looked at regular ones, and some strictly for the escort business. I landed on one for Escorts because they have some great tools and options for your site like, Webcams and Donation pages. Also they were the best "Bang for your Buck" too (I love that saying haha). 

When I get the new site finished and Launched, I'll be switching to Google Voice instead of the Free Text App I'm using now for my work number. It's absolutely terrible. It rarely rings, and when it

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Black Thumb, Brown Fingers!?

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I've always known I have a black thumb. Give me any kind of plant, flower, shrub, hell, give me a weed and Ill kill the poor thing. Granted, I've kept my house warming gift from a regular, beautiful Calla Lillie's, alive so far. So maybe I'm getting better at it, or my bad luck has just gone from nature to electronics.

I can never keep a laptop longer than a month, something always goes wrong! My fingers could probably cause a city wide Brownout. This time, my charger wire was bad and zapped my hard drive into oblivion. So, for the moment, my computer is in a coma, and I haven't been able to post any new writings. I have a few in the works that I would love to finish. But lets face it, I ramble way too much to write my blogs on my phone lol 

So this was my long, drawn out way of letting you all know my laptop is down for the moment, but will be up and running again very soon. And my random ramblings will continue :)

Thank you for all the compliments lately on my writing. I wasn't sure if anyone even read them, much less enjoyed them. It makes me feel very good to know :) Thank you guys for reading, and I'll have more for you very soon :)

XOXO Stellar Madison

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50 Shades Of Stellar

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There's just not enough hours in the day sometimes.....

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to be organized in this line of work. Not many clients schedule in advance, and calls are almost always last minute. It makes it very hard to plan your day. I would love to wake up knowing exactly how my day was going to go, but even when I think I know, clients cancel or postpone, last minute calls come in, and my day ends up completely different than what I expected. 

Being an Adult Companion comes with a lifestyle. It's a job just like any other, but it's not a job you go to for 8 hours, leave your work at the office, and go home and relax the rest of your day. It's pretty much a 24/7/365 gig. When you're not doing a visit, you're on the phone talking to potential clients, or on the internet posting your Ads, or updating your profiles, or finding new ways to promote yourself. It's never ending, and makes it very hard to live your regular life. 

I have a personal life that I keep completely separate from my work life. Without going into too many details, I have to be up early every morning to do school drop off. I have cleaning and housework to do. I have a social life I have to keep up appearances with, without ever revealing what I do for a living. I have snacks and dinner to make. Bedtimes stories and bath time to do. I'm pretty much a stay at home Mom that pauses her day to work sporadically.

Somehow I manage to merge my professional life and my personal life and make it work. But sometimes I find myself not even having enough time to sleep. I leave housework to

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