House Hunting

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The Real Definition Of Insanity:

How would you feel if you were throwing almost 3 grand a month away on a place to live.... and not the type of place you would think for that price, like The Penthouse at the Hilton. No...just a small, old motel room, with a manager who has a huge attitude problem. Yes Ma'am, I'd love my turn down service with a scowl. Oh my god....this woman is so miserable it's unbelievable!

You would think a small place like this, with 90% empty rooms during the week, and a lot of customers who don't like to pay, would appreciate a customer who pays every day, and over pays with out complaining at that! Maybe she hates money.... I'm not sure lol (Before you start thinking I have mental issues, I do have my reasons for staying here. I can do what I do without being bothered or asked to leave, is the biggest reason.)

Besides my little rant there.... I actually had a different reason for writing this lol. I need a house. Desperately. I need my own place, my own space and privacy, where I don't need to worry about coming up with a Benjamin or being homeless on a daily basis.

I make enough money that I should be able to afford a decent house to live in. "Why the hell are you still over paying that grumpy bitch every day?" you ask...because it's expensive to move in anywhere. Everyone requires 1st, last, security, deposits, application fees, pet fees (this doesn't apply to me....i sneak animals in later haha), middle of the year fees, Lease preparation fees, pen and ink fees, water, electric, gas, cable, phone, internet, oxygen, paint drying fees, grass growing fees, viewing fees, you clicked on the Ad for this house fees (Ok, I'll stop lol)....the list is endless....and ridiculous. Yes, I'm exaggerating some, but honestly not by much. How the fuck can I pay all these fees while paying 3k to this greedy, grumpy, inhospitable hotel!? (Like how I slipped in a tiny rant? Lol)

I'm Still not sure what the answer is....Im hoping I'll figure it out soon though. When I do, I'll make millions selling this home hunting secret. Lol. Besides the million dollars, my life will be so much easier and simpler. Ill be able to get ahead and complete my goal list. Ill be able to start my expansion projects and be more organized. I just need to get over this first big hurdle, and everything else will fall into place.... Anyways, Thanks for letting me bitch;) I needed to get that out. Good night guys *xoxoxo*

♡Stellar Madison 1/21/18 2:00am (My mind is the most active late at night....or early morning.... However you choose to look at it, the Witching Hour is my time to reflect on my life lol)