If You Stopped Open Heart Surgery Halfway Through, It Would Look Like Murder

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Well....Same goes for a remodel. Right? Lord, I hope so. 

So, as most of you know, I just moved into my new home. I absolutely love it. It's my dream home. The best part about it, I have a pool house out back I can turn into my "Office". I figure, I'll fix it up and make it into a really nice incall. That's what I plan on anyway. I didn't plan on it costing me as much as it did to get all the furniture basics I needed for the new house. I spent quite a bit of money, and it still feels empty. Mind you, it's a pretty big house, and it's going to take some time to fill. But that's half the fun! Anyways, I'm getting off topic...

So, after asking the sales clerk the cheapest option for a bed for my guest room, I let him talk me into a futon for my "Guest Bedroom". He said its not like your usual futon, its much nicer, has a Serta mattress, blah blah....I go for it. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice futon, but not for what I need it for. So now I'm on the hunt for a cheap bed I can put out there. 

Now as anyone in the daily income world (Servers, bartenders, providers, ect.) knows, it's really hard to take any time off unless you're really good at saving money. And most of us are not, because we make our money on a daily basis, and it's so easy to spend knowing we'll just make more tomorrow. So even though my incall just has the bare minimum to be usable, I have to keep on working, otherwise I wont be able to pay to keep improving it. 

Now anyone that knows me, or has seen me, knows how important it is to me that my guests feel safe and comfortable. I'm easily embarrassed by anything less than satisfactory. I hated having to work out of a crappy hotel. I'd much rather be in an upscale hotel. I don't want anyone to feel nervous when they pull up to see me. I don't want them to worry about being set up, or ripped off. I want them to be able to pull up knowing they can relax and enjoy their time with me. 

I can't even relax myself in my new "Office" yet. It's just not there yet. I have a lot of work to do out there, but I need to restock my funds after deflating them last week for the move. So here is my reason for writing this blog:

If you, or anyone you know, is getting rid of anything that might be of use to me, I would take it off your hands gladly. Fairly cheap, or hell, FREE. I need a decent full or queen bed, with some kind of frame and headboard. I could never do the mattress on the floor thing. *Shudder* ("Gia" Flashbacks) .... Unless it's in front of a fireplace...with some candles and flower petals, maybe a few scarves....sorry, there I go again getting off topic.... ADD... Enough Said lol.

*Back On Track*

I also need a computer desk, small or medium in size. A couple good sized rugs. Curtains for french doors, and one decent sized window. A couple nice lamps would be great too, as I plan on trying to get some mood lighting going. I also need insulation...don't ask, just know I need it lol.

If anyone has any items that would be useful to me, I would greatly appreciate it. And of course I always accept help to my funds through PayPal or Google Wallet or simply coming to see me. (Shameless!!! I know lol)

I kinda hate asking this way, makes me feel like a begger....but the sooner I get my Office up and running, the faster I can get back to working normally. You guys are always so good to me, and so helpful when I need it. So let me know if there is anything you could do to help a girl out :) I appreciate any help I can get so much. It gets hard doing everything yourself sometimes ;)

Thanks for listening to my weekly dilemma...lol

XOXO - Stellar Madison <3

PS - Triple Points if you can tell me the show my Heading Quote is from lol **Don't cheat and Google it either!**