New Location - New Worries

Hey there guys :)

For those of you that have been following my blog, or my tweets on Twitter, you know that I've been going through it for quite awhile now trying to find a house to move into. Well it's finally happened! I am no longer living in a hotel. I no longer have to live day to day worrying about coming up with my room payment or not having a place to live. No more dealing with annoying housekeepers or front desk clerks, No more nosy neighbors being all up in your business (well this is still up in the air, I haven't really met any of my neighbors yet lol). No more being woken up every morning being asked if I want my room service after saying no every day for 2 months. No more cops pulling up every other day to answer domestic violence calls, putting my availability on hold til they leave. 

I'm finally in my own private home, and I absolutely love it. So how to you guys feel about it? Do you prefer to see a provider at a hotel or at their private residence? What would make you more comfortable when pulling into a new providers home? My "office" is actually separate from the main house, so is that a pro or a con for you? Do you like the option of being able to park inside a closed gate if you want so your vehicle wont be seen? 

My main concern with my clients is that they feel comfortable and safe. So my biggest question is, what makes you feel the most safe and comfortable? What would you like to be done to make sure you feel this way? What is your ideal situation when first meeting someone? 

I would love some feedback on this. As excited as I am about my new house, I'm worried about how it will work out as my incall location. 

Also, what information do you feel safest giving when it comes to the screening process? Now that I'm in my own home I will be more selective about my new clientele, and as I've never done much screening other than gut feeling and what I can find by searching a phone number, Id like to know what the limits are there. What have other providers asked for? What information do you feel comfortable giving to a new provider? 

Leave a comment below, or feel free to email me ( your response if you don't want it to be public. Help me make our experience the best that it can be. :)