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New Location - New Worries

Hey there guys :)

For those of you that have been following my blog, or my tweets on Twitter, you know that I've been going through it for quite awhile now trying to find a house to move into. Well it's finally happened! I am no longer living in a hotel. I no longer have to live day to day worrying about coming up with my room payment or not having a place to live. No more dealing with annoying housekeepers or front desk clerks, No more nosy neighbors being all up in your business (well this is still up in the air, I haven't really met any of my neighbors yet lol). No more being woken up every morning being asked if I want my room service after saying no every day for 2 months. No more cops pulling up every other day to answer domestic violence calls, putting my availability on hold til they leave. 

I'm finally in my own private home, and I absolutely love it. So how to you guys feel about it? Do you prefer to see a provider at a hotel or at their private residence? What would make you more comfortable when pulling into a new providers home? My "office" is actually separate from the main house, so is that a pro or a con for you? Do you like the option of being able to park inside a closed gate if you want so your vehicle wont be seen? 

My main concern with my clients is that they feel comfortable and safe. So my biggest question is, what makes you feel the most safe and comfortable? What would you like to be done to make sure you feel this way? What is your ideal situation when first meeting

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House Hunting

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The Real Definition Of Insanity:

How would you feel if you were throwing almost 3 grand a month away on a place to live.... and not the type of place you would think for that price, like The Penthouse at the Hilton. No...just a small, old motel room, with a manager who has a huge attitude problem. Yes Ma'am, I'd love my turn down service with a scowl. Oh my god....this woman is so miserable it's unbelievable!

You would think a small place like this, with 90% empty rooms during the week, and a lot of customers who don't like to pay, would appreciate a customer who pays every day, and over pays with out complaining at that! Maybe she hates money.... I'm not sure lol (Before you start thinking I have mental issues, I do have my reasons for staying here. I can do what I do without being bothered or asked to leave, is the biggest reason.)

Besides my little rant there.... I actually had a different reason for writing this lol. I need a house. Desperately. I need my own place, my own space and privacy, where I don't need to worry about coming up with a Benjamin or being homeless on a daily basis.

I make enough money that I should be able to afford a decent house to live in. "Why the hell are you still over paying that grumpy bitch every day?" you ask...because it's expensive to move in anywhere. Everyone requires 1st, last, security, deposits, application fees, pet fees (this doesn't apply to me....i sneak animals in later haha), middle of the year fees, Lease preparation fees, pen and ink fees, water, electric, gas, cable, phone, internet, oxygen, paint drying fees, grass growing fees, viewing fees, you clicked

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My Hobby Pet Peeves

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ScammersTime WastersPic Collectors

I have a huge Pet Peeve in this hobby and I would love it if the men could maybe give me some insite to the ongoings of these shenanigans.

1. Pic Collectors - I kind of understand this scam, but then again I don't. Some will go to ridiculous lengths to try and talk us out of Nude photos. I would get the point if there wasn't a trillion pictures of naked women why go through the trouble of conning a BP girl out of one?

2. Scammers - This one is just wrong. For the most part as long as you have common sense you can avoid these guys. But even the best of us have been ripped off. To avoid this it should be as simple as getting paid up front, right? Wrong. As most of you know, you men have a big rule about not paying up front, in case a provider is trying to scam you. 
So we're at a stand off. Neither wants to budge on fear of the other running game. What's one to do? I'm not really sure, because I've never had someone have an issue with giving the roses first, unless they were planning on ripping me off. 
I've been scammed a couple times. I either didn't ask for the money first, because I was more worried about them feeling  comfortable and safe, instead of my own safety. Or they absolutely refused to pony up until the end of the visit, and I agreed, because again, I was more worried about them feeling safe.
Either way, every single time I went against my better judgement, like a fool. The key is to Always listen
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Expanding The Brand...

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My mind is always thinking of new ways to make money or improve my business.  I've always had a great mind for business, just never had the money to get anything started. 

So, even with this little hobby of ours my mind is always thinking of ways to expand my "Brand". I have 2 new ideas for myself that I've recently started researching and I'm pretty positive are going to be happening very soon. 

One is cam work. Simple....we all know what that entails. When I think of a way to make it a little different and my own then I will take it to the next level. 

My next move that I'm most excited about is Panties. Yes, I know, even your mother probably sells her dirty underwear online.

Here's where I will differ:

1. You can actually make a date with the girl youre buying the panties from. 

2. My Panties Guarantee.

How do you know who really wore those panties you bought? How do you know it wasn't her 200 lb boyfriend who sharted in them and then mailed them to you? So gross right? But so true. 

Here's how my Panty business will work:

I will have a selection of panties for you to choose for me to wear. You also choose how long you want me to wear them. With your order you will also get a video. Of myself putting your selected panties on, shots of me wearing them through the day along with time shots so you know youre getting what you pay for. Finished with me taking them off and packaging them up to be mailed to you. You will receive your Panty Guarantee video when your package is shipped. So you will

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