Stellar Madison

Hey There! Thank You for being interested in spending some time with Yours Truly:)

I'm a Temporary Girlfriend or Sexy Companion for hire. If you're in need of some companionship without all the drama and strings attached, I'm the one for you.

How It Works

1. First check out my site and learn a little more About Me. Make sure I'm what you're looking for and that we will enjoy our time together.

2. Once you've decided I'm the girl for you, contact me to schedule a visit. For same day or last minute visits, it's best to call or text me. E-mail is also an option. If scheduling a future visit you can fill out my Booking Form

3. When scheduling a visit, please include your name, preferred day and time, In or Out, how much time you'd like to spend together, and a way to show who you are (Social Media Profile, Review Site Screen Name, Provider Reference, ect.)

4. It's pretty much that simple. Unfortunately, some have made it more complicated than it needs to be, so I have to include unacceptable behavior:

The Following Will NOT Be Tolerated:

▪Explicit, Rude, or Ignorant Talk (You will be blocked)

I will NOT send nude photos. Don't even ask.

▪Nude photos of yourself. 

▪The need for me to explain exactly what will happen during our time together. Every visit has it's own experience, and details can be discussed in person.


My Rates are Non-Negotiable, so please do not ask if I will lower them. I do offer specials for regulars, and can be discussed in person after our first visit together. It is insulting to ask a women to lower her worth to meet your budget. 

Please be a gentleman. If you are a real man and know how to treat a woman, then please continue on in contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully spending some time with you soon :)

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XOXO Stellar Madison